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Contents of No. 85

March 1968

Conversations about anarchism Richard Boston 65
Meliorism: a contribution to a libertarian symposium George Molnar 76
Meliorism—a reply Ross Poole 83
Utopian means they don’t want to do it! Paul Goodman 87
Josiah Warren: the incompleat anarchist Harold Barclay 90
Cover by Rufus Segar  

Tenants take over

anarchy 83, which put the case for a tenant take-over of muni­cipal housing estates, got quite a good recep­tion. New Society con­ceded that “the idea has its merits”, the Archi­tect’s Journal found it “very sen­sible and down-to-earth”, and one reader thought it had “an abso­lute genius for mar­shal­ling rele­vant themes and infor­ma­tion in an easily-diges­tible form”. Another found that it had “all the basic facts and argu­ments for a well-in­formed propa­ganda cam­paign” (which was the inten­tion) and yet another de­clared “I can’t help feeling someone ought to sponsor the sending of a copy to every local coun­cil­lor in the country”. We agree, but more impor­tant is that it should be in the hands of every tenants’ asso­cia­tion in the country. This is a time when council tenants are being driven into atti­tudes of mili­tancy over steep rent increa­ses (thou­sands of tenants in Walsall and Shef­field have refused to pay them) and more and more local asso­cia­tions are being formed. Wally Gill, general secretary of the Natio­nal Asso­cia­tion of Tenants and Resi­dents declares that “Tenants have a common interest which must make them range their com­bined strength against the Govern­ment, against the national and inter­natio­nal finance and pro­perty-owning inter­ests which are served by the Govern­ment. Not only this parti­cular Govern­ment, but govern­ment as we have known it through­out living memory.” We believe that when it comes to long-term aims, Tenants Take Over should be on the agenda of every tenants’ asso­cia­tion in the country. anarchy 83 is available at 2s. a copy (dis­count for quan­ti­ties) from Freedom Press, 17a Maxwell Road, London, S.W.6.

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Vol. 8. 1968: 83. Tenants take over.

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