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Contents of No. 18

August 1962

Comprehensive schools   225
Educating the non-scholastic H. Raymond King 233
Bombed site and comprehensive school Winifred Hindley 238
A last look round Sixth-Former 242
Some were all right Early Leaver 243
First impression First-Former 245
Eleven-plus and the comprehensive Parent 246
A senior concert of the high school of music and art Paul Goodman 248
Down there with Isherwood Dachine Rainer 251
Comment on Anarchy 13 & 14: Direct action and disobedience H.D. 255
The anarchists from outside Nicholas Harman 255
Cover: from a drawing by Kenneth Browne of Hurlingham School, Fulham (Architects: Richard Sheppard and Partners).


for the discussion of new trends in education

The September issue will be a special number on
including articles by

and others

The number will include authoritative surveys of the present position in the movement towards comprehensive education in England, Wales and Scotland, as well as articles dealing with the actual problems involved in developing comprehensive schools.
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the journal of the Society for Education Through Art is published every Spring and Autumn at 3s. 5d. a copy.

The Society has as its foremost aim the establishment of an education in art which will develop the imaginative and creative powers of children and adults. To this end it seeks the co-operation of all who believe that art is essential to the everyday life of the community.

Particulars of membership and activities can be obtained from The Secretary, S.E.A. Morley College, 61 Westminster Bridge Road, S.E.1.

Other issues of ANARCHY

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  3. What does anarchism mean today?; Africa; the Long Revolution; Exceptional Children.
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  5. 1936: the Spanish Revolution.
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  7. Adventure Playgrounds.
  8. Anarchists and Fabians; Action Anthropology; Eroding Capitalism; Orwell.
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  10. Sillitoe’s Key to the Door; MacInnes on Crime; Augustus John’s Utopia; Committee of 100 and Industry.
  11. Paul Goodman; Neill on Education; the Character-Builders.
  12. Who are the anarchists?
  13. Direct Action.
  14. Disobedience.
  15. The work of David Wills.
  16. Ethics of anarchism; Africa; Anthropology; Poetry of Dissent.
  17. Towards a lumpenproletariat: Education vs. the working class; Freedom of access; Benevolent bureaucracy; CD and CND.


We are grateful to Mr. King and Mrs. Hindley, and the editors of Forum: for the discussion of new trends in education and of Athene, journal of the Society for Education Through Art, respectively, for permission to use their articles. (See inside back cover).

We are grateful to Carter Tiles Ltd. for permission to use Kenneth Browne’s drawing.


We were expecting several articles from teachers in comprehensive schools, who in the end couldn’t get them done because of the end of term rush. Well readers in Secondary Modern schools please note that we would welcome their contributions to the October Anarchy by the first week of September?

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