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Contents of No. 75

May 1967

Trying it on: an experiment in anarchy Kate Vandegrift 129
Disillusionment, anarchism and war Donald Rooum 157
Cover by Rufus Segar  

If you found this issue of anarchy stimulating you would probably be interested in some other issues which are still available. In anarchy 15, several authors discussed the work of David Wills. In anarchy 18, teachers, parents and children wrote about Comprehensive Schools and, in anarchy 21, Secondary Modern Schools were explored. anarchy 11 reviewed the books and ideas of Paul Goodman, A. S. Neill wrote about Summerhill, and Harold Drasdo discussed the limitations of the “character-building” theory of education. (Outward Bound and all that.)

In anarchy 27, Joe Benjamin and David Downes wrote of their experiences of the beginning and he end of the Teen Canteen. The same issue had Charles Radcliffe on the public schools, Nicolas Walter on Cliff Richard, Colin MacInnes on Ray Gosling and Paul Goodman on New York street gangs.

Homer Lane was discussed by David Wills, A. S. Neill and Anthony Weaver in anarchy 39. anarchy 48 was largely about the ideas implicit in Lord of the Flies, but also had reports on Miss Lang of Kidbrooke and Mr. Duane of Rising Hill. In anarchy 53, the dilemmas of further education were discussed, anarchy 61 was about vandalism and so was anarchy 64 which also looked at the rigid child and failure at school. John Webb’s remarkable article on the sociology of a school was in anarchy 71, and “free schools”—in the sense of ad hoc street schools were the subject of anarchy 73.

The idea of anarchism as a theory of organisation was illustrated in anarchy 62, and two outstanding long articles in recent issues were Peter Ford’s examination of libertarian psychiatry (the work of Laing and Cooper) in anarchy 70 and Lewis Herber’s account of ecology and revolutionary thought in anarchy 69.

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Other issues of “Anarchy”:

Please note: Issues 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12, 13, 28, 33, 37 and 38 are out of print.

Vol. 1. 1961: 1. Sex-and-Violence; 2. Workers’ control; 3. What does anarchism mean today?; 4. Deinstitutionisation; 5. Spain; 6. Cinema; 7. Adventure playground; 8. Anthropology; 9. Prison; 10. Industrial decentralisation.

Vol. 2. 1962: 11. Paul Goodman, A. S. Neill; 12. Who are the anarchists?; 13. Direct action; 14. Disobedience; 15. David Wills; 16. Ethics of anarchism; 17. Lumpenproletariat; 18. Comprehensive schools; 19. Theatre; 20. Non-violence; 21. Secondary modern; 22. Marx and Bakunin.

Vol. 3. 1963: 23. Squatters; 24. Community of scholars; 25. Cybernetics; 26. Thoreau; 27. Youth; 28. Future of anarchism; 29. Spies for peace; 30. Community workshop; 31. Self-organising systems; 32. Crime; 33. Alex Comfort; 34. Science fiction.

Vol. 4. 1964: 35. Housing; 36. Police; 37. I won’t vote; 38. Nottingham; 39. Homer Lane; 40. Unions; 41. Land; 42. India; 43. Parents and teachers; 44. Transport; 45. The Greeks; 46. Anarchism and historians.

Vol. 5. 1965: 47. Freedom in work; 48. Lord of the flies; 49. Automation; 50. Anarchist outlook; 51. Blues, pop, folk; 52. Limits of pacifism; 53. After school; 54. Buber, Landauer, Muhsam; 55. Mutual aid; 56. Women; 57. Law; 58. Stateless societies.

Vol. 6. 1966: 59. White problem; 60. Drugs; 61. Creative vandalism; 62. Organisation; 63. Voluntary servitude; 64. Misspent youth; 65. Derevolutionisation; 66. Provo; 67. USA; 68. Class and anarchism; 69. Ecology; 70. Libertarian psychiatry.

Vol. 7. 1967: 71. Sociology of school; 72. Strike City, USA; 73. Street School; 74. Anarchism and Reality; 75. Trying It On.

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