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Contents of No. 3

May 1961

Moving with the times . . . but not in step   65
A notebook in South Africa Maurice Goldman 72
Africa and the future Jeremy Westall 76
Culture and community Nicolas Walter 80
Removal of guilt Anthony Weaver 92
Cover Rufus Segar  


In 1951 a new task was added to FREEDOM’s editorial chores: that of saving the type of a few articles from each issue of the paper, when the rest goes back into the melting-pot, and then re-arranging and re-printing it in book format, so as to produce during the following year a book of about 240 pages or 100,000 words forming a selection from the previous year’s paper, which is given a title from that of one of the reprinted articles.

The collector of these volumes thus has, for a very moderate outlay (especially as the paper-bound volumes are available to readers of FREEDOM for only five shillings each) a panorama of events and opinions in the decade which has just ended. The titles of the volumes are suggestive of the immense variety of topics covered in the million-word output of the decade.

In these collections you will find not only the anarchist criticism of the political, social and economic phenomena of our time, but also praise and analysis of the “positive trends” which can be found, like seeds beneath the snow, even in the most authoritarian societies.

The Los Angeles magazine “Manas” had this to say about one of the volumes in the series:

“The reader of this book will make an important discovery—that the anarchists are thinking the thoughts which men should be thinking, in these perilous times. The anarchists are not afraid to call attention to what we are losing, have already lost in terms of freedom, in terms of love and respect for other people, in terms of the elemental decencies of life—the decencies we so easily forget when it becomes time to plunge the world into fratricide for the sake of . . . all those things we say we go to war for.”

Selections from FREEDOM

Vol 1 1951: Mankind is One
Vol 2 1952: Postscript to Posterity
Vol 3 1953: Colonialism on Trial
Vol 4 1954: Living on a Volcano
Vol 5 1955: The Immoral Moralists
Vol 6 1956: Oil on Troubled Waters
Vol 7 1957: Year One—Sputnik Era
Vol 8 1958: Socialism in a Wheelchair
Vol 9 1959: Print, Press & Public

Each volume: paper 7s. 6d., cloth 10s. 6d.


Printed by Express Printers, London, E.1.

Still available:

ANARCHY 1: Rescuing Galbraith from the conventional wisdom; Sex-and-Violence and the origin of the novel (Alex Comfort) Education, equality, opportunity (John Ellerby) The ‘new wave’ in Britain (Nicolas Walter).

ANARCHY 2: Workers’ Control: Looking for a movement; Approaches to industrial democracy (Geoffrey Ostergaard) The gang system in Coventry (Reg Wright) Workers’ control in the building industry (James Lynch) Aspects of syndicalism in Spain, Sweden & U.S.A. (Philip Holgate).

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ANARCHY 4: “Where the shoe pinches”

In the care of the young and the old, the delinquent and the sick, there is a recognisable trend towards “de-institutionisation”—the breakdown of institutions. What are the wider implications of this trend? What does it mean when applied to the institutions of life in general?