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Contents of No. 57

November 1965

Jurisprudence: the jurists’ game Penny Davies 321
Anarchism and crime Tony Gibson 328
Against the law Marshall Colman 331
Marx for libertarians Morgan Gibson 341
Bucky Fuller in Paris Ray Gosling 344
Observations on anarchy 54: Buber & Huxley Francis Ellingham 351
Cover by Rufus Segar  

You know the word Malnutrition

he knows what it means

Malnutrition can mean children with swollen legs and bodies, peeling skin, sores and continual suffering.
Malnutrition can mean slowly going blind.
Malnutrition can mean nerves wasting and eventual paralysis.
Malnutrition can mean going mad.
Malnutrition can mean being so weak that there is no energy left.
To sow. Or to reap. Or to do anything but slowly die.
Oxfam is fighting malnutrition. With food and medicines. But most important of all with the kind of long-term aid that helps people rid themselves of malnutrition once and for all. Someone, somewhere can hope again if you help today.

Room 3 • c/o Barclays Bank Ltd • Oxford

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VOLUME 5, 1965: 47. Towards freedom in work; 48. Lord of the flies; 49. Automation; 50. The anarchist outlook; 51. Blues, R’n’b, Pop, Folk; 52. Limits of pacifism; 53. After school; 54. Buber, Landauer, Muhsam; 55. Mutual aid and social evolution; 56. A man’s world.

PLEASE NOTE: Issues 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 13, 14, and 33 are out of print.

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