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Contents of No. 83

January 1968

Tenants take over Colin Ward 1
Homeless in Wandsworth Patricia Goldacre 20
City planning—professionals and protesters David Gurin 25
The Barnsbury environment   32
Cover by John Riley  

  Anar­chism as a so­cial phil­oso­phy is con­cerned with popu­lar ini­tia­tive ra­ther than on that of the “au­thori­ties”. No­where is it harder to find as­pects of so­cial life where or­dinary people can break in on and in­flu­ence the situ­ation than in housing and plan­ning. Yet no­where is it more ur­gent­ly neces­sary. In this is­sue we set out a de­tailed pro­posal for the trans­fer of coun­cil housing to tenants’ co-opera­tives, Pat Gold­acre examines the trials of the home­less in Wands­worth and David Gurin dis­cusses the chal­lenge to the “pro­fes­sion­als” by the “pro­test­ers” in town plan­ning.

  Several previ­ous is­sues have sought to ex­plore the pos­si­bi­li­ties and limi­ta­tions of popu­lar inter­ven­tion in these fields. In ANARCHY 24 on “Housing and Help­less­ness” we ana­lysed the sig­ni­fi­cance of the post-war squat­ters’ move­ment—far and away the most sig­ni­fi­cant ex­ample of such inter­ven­tion. In ANARCHY 26 Brian Richard­son dis­cussed the im­pli­ca­tions of the demon­stra­tion at New­ing­ton Lodge, the County Coun­cil Re­cep­tion Centre in Lon­don. In ANARCHY 35 on “House and Home” we looked at the sig­ni­fi­cance of the demon­stra­tion over the Cobb evic­tion in Pad­ding­ton, and in ANARCHY 37 J. D. Gilbert-Rolfe described simi­lar ac­tion in Tun­bridge Wells. In ANARCHY 41 Robert Swann dis­cussed Direct Ac­tion and the Urban Envi­ron­ment, in ANARCHY 58 Brian Richard­son re­ported on the King Hill Hostel strug­gle, and on the basis of the ex­peri­ence there set out in ANARCHY 67 a plan for a Co-oper­ative Hostel for the Home­less, while in ANARCHY 77 on “Do-it-Yourself Anar­chism” Andy Ander­son ex­am­ined the poli­tic­al meaning of the King Hill cam­paign.

  ANARCHY 84 next month, on “The Lower Depths” looks fur­ther at other as­pects of pover­ty. The ma­teri­al which we pre­sent in ANARCHY is not inten­ded as bed­side reading but as the ground­work for in­formed and effec­tive ac­tion. Use It!

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