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Contents of No. 11

January 1962

The World of Paul Goodman John Ellerby 1
Communitas Revisited   3
Youth and Absurdity   14
Practical Proposals   17
The Children and Psychology Paul Goodman 20
The Character Builders Harold Drasdo 25
Summerhill Education vs. Standard Education A. S. Neill 29
Cover: Bibliography for the New Commune (from Communitas)


Paul Goodman
Out on January 11th Five dollars.

New York

Problems of Youth in the Organised System
Paul Goodman
296pp. 21s.

A Radical Approach to Child Rearing
A. S. Neill
will be published on April 5th. 1962



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was founded in 1967 to support progressive education of the sort pioneered by A. S. Neill

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its journal
is published on behalf of all who care for freedom
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most of the seven issues so far published are available at 2s. (40c.) each post free from Mrs. Gwen Hall, 311 Seely Road London SW17

Other issues of ANARCHY:

No. 1.  Alex Comfort on Sex-and-Violence, Nicolas Walter on the New Wave, and articles on education, opportunity, and Galbraith.

No. 2.  A symposium on Workers’ Control.

No. 3.  What does anarchism mean today?, and articles on Africa, the ‘Long Revolution’ and exceptional children.

No. 4.  George Molnar on conflicting strains in anarchism, Colin Ward on the breakdown of institutions.

No. 5.  A symposium on the Spanish Revolution of 1936.

No. 6.  Anarchy and Cinema: articles on Vigo, Buñuel and Flaherty. Two experimental film-makers discuss their work.

No. 7.  A symposium on Adventure Playgrounds.

No. 8.  Anarchists and Fabians, Kenneth Maddock on action anthropology, Reg Wright on erosion inside capitalism, Nicolas Walter on Orwell.

No. 9.  A symposium on Prison.

No. 10.  Alan Sillitoe’s Key to the Door, Colin MacInnes on crime, Augustus John on utopia, Committee of 100 seminar on industry and workers’ control.

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