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Contents of No. 56

October 1965

The Eclipse of Woman Dora Russell 289
The Best of Both Worlds Harriet Unwin 302
Discrimination Survives   310
The Tragedy of Woman’s Emancipation Emma Goldman 312
Mr. James and Sergeant Challenor Martin Ennals 316
Cover (from an early photograph of Emma Goldman) by Rufus Segar  

Anarchy 54 discussed the ideas of Martin Buber, Gustav Landauer and Erich Mühsam. Readers wrote about it: “Marvellous and much needed. A very welcome issue” (C.R., London); “You have brought forward a really valuable discussion” (R.W., Norfolk); “I enjoyed it very much. It all goes together very well” (N.W., London); “I have long had a suspicion that Landauer had much to say that we could make use of. I am awfully glad that you have brought him to life.” (D.W., New York).

Anarchy 51 was our Blues, R ’n’ B, Pop, Folk issue. Albert McCarthy, writing in Jazz Monthly, declared that it was “quite simply, the best introduction to the subject that is available.”

Anarchy 36: Arms of the Law, contained Donald Rooum’s account of his adventures with Detective-Sergeant Challenor. “Anyone,” commented The Guardian, “who can’t wait for the Director of Public Prosecution’s verdict on what went on is referred to Anarchy 36.” And Tom Driberg, in the Sunday Citizen, called it “the most vivid and detailed account by a victim that I have yet seen.”

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Other issues of ANARCHY

VOLUME 1, 1961: 1. Sex-and-Violence, Galbraith*; 2. Workers’ control†; 3. What does anarchism mean today?; 4. Deinstitutionalisation; 5. Spain 1936†; 6. Cinema†; 7. Adventure playgrounds†; 8. Anthropology; 9. Prison; 10. MacInnes, Industrial decentralisation.

VOLUME 2, 1962: 11. Paul Goodman, A. S. Neill; 12. Who are the anarchists?; 13. Direct action*; 14. Disobedience*; 15. The work of David Wills; 16. Ethics of anarchism, Africa; 17. Towards a lumpenproletariat; 18. Comprehensive schools; 19. Theatre: anger and anarchy; 20. Non-violence, Freud; 21. Secondary modern; 22. Cranston’s dialogue on anarchy.

VOLUME 3, 1963: 23. Housing, squatters, do-it-yourself; 24. Community of Scholars; 25. Technology, cybernetics; 26. CND, Salesmanship, Thoreau; 27. Youth; 28. The future of anarchism; 29. The Spies for Peace Story; 30. The community workshop; 31. Self-organising systems, Beatniks, the State; 32. Crime; 33. Alex Comfort’s anarchism†; 34. Science fiction, Workless teens.

VOLUME 4, 1964: 35. House and home; 36. Arms of the law; 37. Why I won’t vote; 38. Nottingham; 39. Homer Lane; 40. Unions and workers’ control; 41. The land; 42. Indian anarchism; 43. Parents and teachers; 44. Transport; 45. Anarchism and Greek thought; 46. Anarchism and the historians.

VOLUME 5, 1965: 47. Towards freedom in work; 48. Lord of the flies; 49. Automation; 50. The anarchist outlook; 51. Blues, R’n’b, Pop, Folk; 52. Limits of pacifism; 53. After school; 54. Buber, Landauer, Muhsam; 55. Mutual aid and social evolution; 56. A man’s world.

PLEASE NOTE: Issues 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 13, 14, and 33 are out of print.


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