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Contents of No. 9

November 1961

Are we in favour of penal reform? C.W. 257
The captive society John Ellerby 263
Therapeutic communities Ward Jackson 270
A criminologist’s testament Paul Reiwald 278
Refresher course in jail Dave Dellinger 279
Far from therapeutic Pat Arrowsmith 284
Observations on Anarchy 7 Joe Benjamin, Doris Allen 286
Cover by Gew  

Consumer Reports on Prison

Safe Lodging
by Merfyn Turner
This book was born in prison, it deals with men in prison, but its concern is with what happens to them when they come out.
Hutchinson, 25s.

Borstal Boy
by Brendan Behan
Gravity and macabre, inconsequent comedy combine to speak the truth about the sad, bawdy world of prison.
Corgi Books, 5s.

Bang to Rights
by Frank Norman
“The most important account of prison experience ever to be published in this country, the most honest and the most shocking.”
Social Service Quarterly
Pan Books, 2s. 6d.

Against the Law
by Peter Wildeblood
“The noblest, and wittiest, and most appalling prison book of them all.”—New Statesman
Penguin Books, 2s. 6d.

Time Out of Life
by Peter Baker
“He makes the ideal gossip columnist writing a Court Circular of Wormwood Scrubs and Leyhill. ‘I met many policemen in prisons—we had eight at one time at Leyhill and, on another occasion, some fifteen in the Scrubs’.”—Freedom.
Heinemann, 21s.

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