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Contents of No. 26

April 1963

The last Aldermaston Charles Radcliffe 96
What has it got to do with the bomb? Brian Richardson 99
The factory for peace Tom McAlpine 103
Observations on Anarchy 25 (Technology, Science and Anarchism) Arthur Uloth
Tony Smythe
Martin Small
John McEwan
P. Pluscardin
How to sell your way to slavery Ian Sainsbury 113
Thoreau’s politics of the upright man Richard Drinnon 117
Cover and titles by Rufus Segar  

Scientists are no longer needed to make H-bombs. Professor Hahn, who split the atom in 1938, has told us that “it’s only a technicians’ problem now to construct an apparatus that would totally end life on this globe.”

So each week we bring out Peace News in a world where people no longer feel that they have control over their own lives or the lives of their children. Democracy went out of the window when the H-bomb came in at the door.

Our marches and civil disobedience have brought home the problem of nuclear weapons to millions; our ‘Black Paper’ is following up with precise facts about the situation. But still the hidden terror of nuclear tests and the menace of the arms race is with us. And a feeling of despair and inadequacy.

We have yet to produce the political programme and manifesto which will be as meaningful to the parents of children threatened with nuclear death as was that which the radical movement of past centuries produced for the parents of children threatened with deformity and early death through sweated labour in mines and factories.

We have moved the hearts and minds of tens of thousands of people in Britain by our marches and demonstrations over the past five years, pioneered by the women in black marching to Trafalgar Square and Harold Steele’s attempt to reach Christmas Island. We have succeeded in bringing the threat of nuclear war into the open (something we despaired of doing at Peace News in 1956).

Where there is no vision the people perish. Britain with a social order based on non-violence is the vision which we try to keep learly before us here at Peace News and which is shared by an increasing number of young people in Britain.

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We are grateful to Richard Drinnon for arranging for us to use his article which appears in the current issue of the Massachusetts Review.

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