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Contents of No. 27

May 1963

The Teen Canteen:    
1. The real challenge Joe Benjamin 129
2. In at the end David Downes 131
The young one Nicolas Walter 134
Teenagery and after Colin MacInnes 138
Dead end Paul Goodman 140
Anarchism and the public schools Charles Radcliffe 142
Student Pages:    
Anarchism, an introduction Wynford Hicks 149
Anarchism and non-violence John Whitfield 153
Thoughts on the English monarchy Andrew King 155
Affluent Britain, a 6th form view Roger Lewis 157
Further observations on technology and anarchism Harry Baecker 159
Cover Colin Munro  
(back cover from the press, 14 and 16 April)


In this issue of Anarchy you can read two articles from the first issue of The Anarchist Student which was published last month jointly with the Messenger of the Oxford New Left. It is hoped to continue The Anarchist Student separately, and anarchist students everywhere who want to write for, support and distribute a further issue are asked to contact Wynford Hicks, Christ Church, Oxford.



“Colin Spencer has talent coming out of his ears.”  Sunday Telegraph.

“Both delightful and moving … The idyll of Sundy and Reg, with their candour, self-consciousness and moments of flowering gaiety is absolutely truthful. The reader comes to care very much.”  Sunday Times.

“Extraordinary fascination.”  Daily Telegraph.



Other issues of ANARCHY

  1. Sex-and-Violence; Galbraith; the New Wave, Education.
  2. Workers’ Control
  3. What does anarchism mean today?; Africa; the Long Revolution.
  4. De-institutionalisation; Conflicting strains in anarchism.
  5. 1936: the Spanish Revolution.
  6. Anarchy and the Cinema.  (out of print)
  7. Adventure Playgrounds.
  8. Anarchists and Fabians; Action Anthropology; Eroding Capitalism.
  9. Prison.
  10. Sillitoe’s Key to the Door; MacInnes on Crime; Augustus John’s Utopia; Committee of 100.
  11. Paul Goodman; Neill on Education; the Character-Builders.
  12. Who are the anarchists?
  13. Direct Action.  (out of print)
  14. Disobedience.
  15. The work of David Wills.
  16. Ethics of anarchism; Africa; Anthropology; Poetry of Dissent.
  17. Towards a lumpenproletariat: Education vs. the working class; Freedom of access; Benevolent bureaucracy; CD and CND.
  18. Comprehensive Schools.
  19. Theatre: anger and anarchy.
  20. Non-violence as a reading of history; Freud, anarchism and experiments in living.
  21. Secondary modern.
  22. Cranston’s Dialogue on anarchy.
  23. Housing; Squatters; Do it yourself.
  24. The Community of Scholars.
  25. Technology, science, anarchism.
  26. CND; Salesmanship; Thoreau.

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