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Contents of No. 48

February 1965

Must the good guys always lose? Joe Garnett 33
William Golding: from darkness to blackout Harold Drasdo 35
Hunters and builders Catherine Gibson 38
Beelzebub rides again Martin Small 41
Miss Lang of Kidbrooke Tom Jones 46
Mr. Duane of Risinghill John Ellerby 50
A weekend case Leila Berg 56
Feathers for plucking Owen Webster 58
Disarming sympathy Charles Radcliffe 60
Cover by Rufus Segar  

Some books by William Golding ….

Lord of the Flies 16s. (hardback); 6s. (paperback film edition); 2s. 6d. (Penguin).
The Inheritors 16s. (hardback); 6s. (paperback); 2s. 6d. (Penguin).
Pincher Martin 16s. (hardback); 6s. (paperback); 2s. 6d. (Penguin).
Free Fall 15s. (hardback); 6s. (paperback); 3s. 6d. (Penguin).
The Spire 18s.

… order them from Freedom Bookshop who would also be happy to supply post-free

Growing Up Absurd Paul Goodman 21s
The Structure of Literature Paul Goodman 12s6d
Anarchism George Woodcock 7s6d
Pilate’s Question Alfred Reynolds 12s6d
The Anarchists James Joll 35s
In the Struggle for Equality B. Yelensky 17s6d
Darwin and the Naked Lady Alex Comfort 18s
Spartacus F. A. Ridley 7s6d
The Free Family Jean & Paul Ritter 18s
That Dreadful School A. S. Neill 10s6d
Talks to Parents and Teachers Homer Lane
Homer Lane David Wills 40s
To Hell with Culture Herbert Read 21s
The Ego and his Own Max Stirner 15s
Man for Himself Erich Fromm 17s6d
The Sane Society Erich Fromm 12s6d
The Fear of Freedom Erich Fromm 7s6d
Anarchy and Order Herbert Read 16s
The Function of the Orgasm Wilhelm Reich 21s
The Sexual Revolution Wilhelm Reich 19s
Marx, Proudhon & European Socialism Hampden Jackson 12s6d
What is to be Done? N. Chernyshevsky 10s
Memoirs of a Revolutionist (abridged) Peter Kropotkin 15s
War and the Intellectuals Randolph Bourne 15s
Anarcho-Syndicalism Rudolf Rocker 7s6d

Freedom Bookshop, 17a Maxwell Road, Fulham, London, SW6.
Tel: REN 3736

The 1965 Peace Calendar and Appointment Book has

A foreword by Paul Goodman
A page for each week of the year
A facing page for a detailed history of 53 organisations and movements
A directory of peace periodicals and organisations and blank pages for notes
128 pages, 5½ × 8½, wirebound and flat opening so arranged that the calendar pages can be easily removed to leave a bound volume of historical value for your permanent library.

$1.50 each post-paid in USA from
War Registers League, 5 Beekman Street, New York 38, NY, USA

Other issues of ANARCHY

VOLUME 1, 1961: 1. Sex-and-Violence, Galbraith*; 2. Workers’ control†; 3. What does anarchism mean today?; 4. Deinstitutionalisation; 5. Spain 1936†; 6. Cinema†; 7. Adventure playgrounds†; 8. Anthropology; 9. Prison; 10. MacInnes, Industrial decentralisation.

VOLUME 2, 1962: 11. Paul Goodman, A. S. Neill; 12. Who are the anarchists?; 13. Direct action*; 14. Disobedience*; 15. The work of David Wills; 16. Ethics of anarchism, Africa; 17. Towards a lumpenproletariat; 18. Comprehensive schools; 19. Theatre: anger and anarchy; 20. Non-violence, Freud; 21. Secondary modern; 22. Cranston’s dialogue on anarchy.

VOLUME 3, 1963: 23. Housing, squatters, do-it-yourself; 24. Community of Scholars; 25. Technology, cybernetics; 26. CND, Salesmanship, Thoreau; 27. Youth; 28. The future of anarchism; 29. The Spies for Peace Story; 30. The community workshop; 31. Self-organising systems, Beatniks, the State; 32. Crime; 33. Alex Comfort’s anarchism†; 34. Science fiction, Workless teens.

VOLUME 4, 1964: 35. House and home; 36. Arms of the law; 37. Why I won’t vote; 38. Nottingham; 39. Homer Lane; 40. Unions and workers’ control; 41. The land; 42. Indian anarchism; 43. Parents and teachers; 44. Transport; 45. Anarchism and Greek thought; 46. Anarchism and the historians.

VOLUME 5, 1965: 47. Towards freedom in work; 48. Lord of the flies; 49. Automation; 50. The anarchist outlook.

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Universities and Colleges
anarchy can be obtained in term-time from:

Bristol University: Ian Vine, Students’ Union; Bristol C.A.T.: Anna Roberts; Cambridge: Labour Club or CND; Leeds: Roy Todd, 15 Clarendon Place; London, Imperial College: Donald Kirkley, Dept. of Elect. Engineering; Manchester: Philip Mann, Drama Dept.; Newcastle: Howard Nash, Dept. of Architecture; Oxford: Andrew Green, Magdalen College; Reading: Mike Bloom, St. Patrick’s Hall; Sussex: Fred Herbert, Students’ Union.

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