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Contents of No. 34

December 1963

Science fiction and anarchism John Pilgrim 361
England in the wild Arthur Uloth 376
Burrowing for bureaucracy Jeremy John 381
What it really feels like Tom Pickard 384
Kenneth Patchen: Laureate of the doomed youth of the third world war Charles Radcliffe
& Diana Shelley
Reflected in a puddle Catherine Gibson 391
Cover by Martin Leman  

Anarchy to cost more

anarchy enters its fourth volume next month, and we have reluctantly to raise the price and the subscription rate. Since this journal began in 1961 each item in the cost of producing it has risen—paper, typesetting, printing, binding and postage.

From January therefore, the price of anarchy will be increased to 2s. (30c.) a copy, and the annual subscription rate to 25s. ($3.50). The airmail rate will be 47s. ($7.00).

The price of freedom will remain unchanged at 4d. and its annual subscription rate will stay at 20s. ($3.00), or by airmail 45s. ($7.00).

The combined annual subscription to anarchy and freedom will go up to 40s. ($6.00).

Unexpired subscriptions will be honoured at the old rates. A number of readers have still not yet renewed their subscriptions for 1963. They will greatly assist us, and avoid possible confusion if they post their renewals (at the old rate of course!) before 1964. Apart from administrative considerations, we badly need the money to meet Freedom Pres commitments for this year.

Edmund Crispin’s SF collections

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Other issues of ANARCHY

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  2. Workers’ Control
  3. What does anarchism mean today?
  4. De-institutionalisation; Conflicting strains in anarchism.
  5. 1936: the Spanish Revolution.  (out of print)
  6. Anarchy and the Cinema.  (out of print)
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  8. Anarchists and Fabians; Action Anthropology; Eroding Capitalism.
  9. Prison.
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  11. Paul Goodman; Neill on Education.
  12. Who are the anarchists?
  13. Direct Action.  (out of print)
  14. Disobedience.
  15. The work of David Wills.
  16. Ethics of anarchism; Africa.
  17. Towards a lumpenproletariat.
  18. Comprehensive Schools.
  19. Theatre: anger and anarchy.
  20. Non-violence as a reading of history; Freud, anarchism and experiments in living.
  21. Secondary modern.
  22. Cranston’s Dialogue on anarchy.
  23. Housing; Squatters.
  24. The Community of Scholars.
  25. Technology, science, anarchism.
  26. CND; Salesmanship; Thoreau.
  27. Talking about youth.
  28. The future of anarchism.
  29. The Spies for Peace Story.
  30. The community workshop.
  31. Self-organising systems; beatniks.
  32. Crime.
  33. Alex Comfort’s anarchism.

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