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Contents of No. 33

November 1963

The Anarchism of Alex Comfort John Ellerby 329
Sex, Kicks and Comfort Charles Radcliffe 340
Alex Comfort’s Art and Scope Harold Drasdo 345
A Comfort Bibliography   357
A Disappointed Revolutionary Sid Parker 359
Cover by Rufus Segar  
Drawing on p. 329 by Frank Benier  
Poem “Maturity” by Alex Comfort from Haste to the Wedding (Eyre and Spottiswoode 1962)

Alex Comfort


A clear and undogmatic discussion of the social aspects of “the healthiest and most important huan sport”.
Duckworth 21s.


In this book Dr. Comfort discusses the relationship between crime and power and provides an important contribution to the theory of anarchism.
Routledge 10s. 6d.


An attempt within the short space of a lecture to show from an anarchist viewpoint what psychiatry can contribute towards the solution of problems of delinquency.
Freedom Press 6d. (plus 2½d. postage)


A hilarious farce on sex and politics. Positively the only novel that foresaw the Profumo affair!
Eyre and Spottiswoode 16s.


These poems spring from a unity of wit, intellectual conviction and sensuality which has been rare in English poetry since the seventeenth century.
Eyre and Spottiswoode 10s. 6d.


Darwin and Freud, the fantasy element in drama and popular literature, the motivation of science and the function of erotic literature are discussed in these discursive essays on biology and art, with gusto, scholarship and humour.
Routledge 18s.

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  32. Crime.

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