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Contents of No. 62

April 1966

Anarchism as a theory of organisation Colin Ward 97
Anarchists and nuclear disarmers John Rety 110
Reflections on the anarchist principle Paul Goodman 115
Background on the Rhodesian situation Jeremy Westall 117
Some libertarian aspects of English poetry Jeff Robinson 120
Cover by Rufus Segar  


A public meeting on Sunday, 10th April, at 8 p.m. at the Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London, W.C.1 (nearest Underground Station is Holborn on the Piccadilly and Central Lines). Speakers include Philip Sansom and Donald Rooum.


sixty copies of ANARCHY 33 (November 1963) for binding into volumes. We will pay two shillings for each copy returned to Freedom Press.


There are a lot of other aspects to the anarchist spectrum besides those in this issue of ANARCHY. You ought to see FREEDOM, the anarchist weekly, as well (for joint subscription rates see inside front cover). Write for a sample copy and for a list of anarchist books and pamphlets to Freedom Press, 17a Maxwell Road, London, S.W.6 (near Fulham Broadway Underground and Stamford Bridge Stadium. Telephone RENown 3736.

Other issues of ANARCHY

VOLUME 1, 1961: 1. Sex-and-Violence, Galbraith*; 2. Workers’ control†; 3. What does anarchism mean today?; 4. Deinstitutionalisation; 5. Spain 1936†; 6. Cinema†; 7. Adventure playgrounds†; 8. Anthropology; 9. Prison; 10. MacInnes, Industrial decentralisation.

VOLUME 2, 1962: 11. Paul Goodman, A. S. Neill; 12. Who are the anarchists?; 13. Direct action*; 14. Disobedience*; 15. The work of David Wills; 16. Ethics of anarchism, Africa; 17. Towards a lumpenproletariat; 18. Comprehensive schools; 19. Theatre: anger and anarchy; 20. Non-violence, Freud; 21. Secondary modern; 22. Cranston’s dialogue on anarchy.

VOLUME 3, 1963: 23. Housing, squatters, do-it-yourself; 24. Community of Scholars; 25. Technology, cybernetics; 26. CND, Salesmanship, Thoreau; 27. Youth; 28. The future of anarchism; 29. The Spies for Peace Story; 30. The community workshop; 31. Self-organising systems, Beatniks, the State; 32. Crime; 33. Alex Comfort’s anarchism†; 34. Science fiction, Workless teens.

VOLUME 4, 1964: 35. House and home; 36. Arms of the law; 37. Why I won’t vote; 38. Nottingham*; 39. Homer Lane; 40. Unions and workers’ control; 41. The land; 42. Indian anarchism; 43. Parents and teachers; 44. Transport; 45. Anarchism and Greek thought; 46. Anarchism and the historians.

VOLUME 5, 1965: 47. Towards freedom in work; 48. Lord of the flies; 49. Automation; 50. The anarchist outlook; 51. Blues, R’n’b, Pop, Folk; 52. Limits of pacifism; 53. After school; 54. Buber, Landauer, Muhsam; 55. Mutual aid; 56. Women; 57. Law; 58. Stateless societies, homelessness.

VOLUME 6, 1966: 59. The white problem; 60. Drugs; 61. Creative vandalism; 62. Anarchism and organisation.

PLEASE NOTE: Issues 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 13, 14, 33 and 38 are out of print.

Some ANARCHY Distributors

Birmingham College of Commerce: D. J. Austin; Borough Road Training College: J. Huggon; Cambridge: John Needle, Gonville & Caius College; Chorley Training College: Alistair Rattray; Hull University: John Pilgrim, 507 Loten Hall; Lancaster University: Christine Segalini; Leeds University: G. R. Pearce, 3 Marlboro Grove, Leeds 2; Manchester College of Commerce: David Poulson.

Leicester: Malcolm Norman c/o Students’ Union; Manchester University: Socialist Society Bookstall; Coleg Harlech: Michael Harris; Keele University: Marshall Colman, Students’ Union; Durham University: Jeremy Hawden, College of the Venerable Bede.

Subscribe to ANARCHY

Single copies 2s. (30c.). Annual Subscription (12 issues) 26s. ($3.50). By airmail 47s. ($7.00). Joint annual subscription with freedom the anarchist weekly (which readers of anarchy will find indispensable) 42s. ($6.00). Cheques, P.O.s and Money Orders should be made out to FREEDOM PRESS, 17a Maxwell Road, London, S.W.6, England. Tel: RENown 3736.

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