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Contents of No. 19

September 1962

Theatre: anger and anarchy Nicolas Walter 257
Where civilisation begins Arnold Wesker 267
Room to move about David Markham 271
The language of persuasion Harold Drasdo 273
To start wagging and stop tampering Roger Bray 277
Were they way out, way back? Sam Weiner & H. W. Morton 280
More about freedom of access Donald Rooum, Eric Hughes 285
On the idea of anarchy Jeremy Westall 288
Cover by Colin Munro  


John Arden: Sergeant Musgrave’s Dance 3s. 6d.,

Live Like Pigs (in ned 3) 2s. 6d.,
The Happy Haven (in ned 4) 3s. 6d.

Brendan Behan: The Quare Fellow 3s. 6d., The Hostage 3s. 6d.
Robert Bolt: The Tiger and the Horse 8s. 6d.
Shelagh Delaney: A Taste of Honey 4s. 0d.,

The Lion in Love 4s. 6d.

Jack Gelber: The Connection 10s. 6d.
Willis Hall: The Long and the Short and the Tall (in ned 3) 2s. 6d.
Michael Hastings: Yes and After (in ned 4) 3s. 6d.
Eugene Ionesco: Plays, Vol. 1 (The Lesson, The Chairs, etc.) 18s. 0d.
Ann Jellicoe: The Knack 6s. 0d.
Arthur Kopit: Oh Dad, Poor Dad … 4s. 6d.
Bernard Kops: The Hamlet of Stepney Green (in ned 1) 3s. 6d.,

The Dream of Peter Mann 2s. 6d.

Doris Lessing: Each His Own Wilderness (in ned 1) 3s. 6d.
John Mortimer: Lunch Hour and other plays 6s. 0d.,

Two Stars for Comfort 10s. 6d.

John Osborne: Luther 10s. 6d., The Entertainer 4s. 6d.,

Look Back in Anger 4s. 6d.,
A Subject of Scandal and Concern 5s. 0d.,
Epitaph for George Dillon
(with Anthony Creighton in ned 2) 3s. 6d.

Alun Owen: Three TV Plays 9s. 6d.
Harold Pinter: The Caretaker 3s. 6d.,

The Birthday Party and Other Plays 12s. 6d.,
A Slight Ache and Other Plays 12s. 6d.,
The Dumb Waiter (in ned 3) 2s. 6d.

Peter Shaffer: Five Finger Exercise (in ned 4) 3s. 6d.

The Private Ear and the Public Eye 12s. 6d.

N. F. Simpson: A Resounding Tinkle (in ned 2) 3s. 6d.
Keith Waterhouse: Celebration (with Willis Hall) 10s. 6d.
Arnold Wesker: The Kitchen (in ned 2) 2s. 6d.,

Chicken Soup with Barley (in ned 1) 3s. 6d., Roots 2s. 6d.,
I’m Talking About Jerusalem 2s. 6d.,
Chips with Everything 13s. 6d.

John Whiting: Three Plays (Saint’s Day, Penny for a Song, Marching Song) 21s. 0d.
(Note: “ned” indicates the Penguin New English Dramatists series, with three plays in each volume).

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Other issues of ANARCHY

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  2. Workers’ Control.
  3. What does anarchism mean today?; Africa; the Long Revolution; Exceptional Children.
  4. De-institutionalisation; Conflicting strains in anarchism.
  5. 1936: the Spanish Revolution.
  6. Anarchy and the Cinema.
  7. Adventure Playgrounds.
  8. Anarchists and Fabians; Action Anthropology; Eroding Capitalism; Orwell
  9. Prison.
  10. Sillitoe’s Key to the Door; MacInnes on Crime; Augustus John’s Utopia; Committee of 100 and Industry.
  11. Paul Goodman; Neill on Education; the Character-Builders.
  12. Who are the anarchists?
  13. Direct Action.
  14. Disobedience.
  15. The work of David Wills.
  16. Ethics of anarchism; Africa; Anthropology; Poetry of Dissent.
  17. Towards a lumpenproletariat: Education vs. the working class; Freedom of access; Benevolent bureaucracy; CD and CND.
  18. Comprehensive Schools.

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