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No. Title
1 Rescuing Galbraith from the conventional wisdom
2 Workers’ Control: Looking for a movement
3 Moving with the times … but not in step
5 Notes in the margin
8 Anarchists and Fabians: Undifferentiated Socialism
12 Who are the anarchists?
13 Direct action: the make it yourself revolution
18 Comprehensive School
22 Anarchist history: some recent books
23 Direct action for houses: the story of the squatters
24 Goodman’s Community of Scholars
29 The Spies for Peace story
35 Self-help housing in South America
37 Squawks of a citizen
53 After school: dilemmas of further education
56 … In a Man’s World: Discrimination Survives
60 Narcotic addiction and the Brain Committee Report
66 Appeal to the international provotariat
88 Out of the wasteland
90 Student anarchy: a survey of the student revolt
90 In British universities
90 In the Art Colleges
95 Yugoslavia: is it workers’ control?
97 What hope for popular initiative in planning?
97 Popular initiative in housing
97 … and a postscript on Ronan Point
102 Evidence of the victims
103 The writing on the wall
116 Guerin in English

Letters to the editor

No. Title
29 Anarchism and public schools
30 Anarchism and public schools
44 Anarchism and Indian Thought


No. Title
12 The Freedom readership survey
79 Latin America: Interviews with anarchists
97 Tenants take over
112 African facts and figures